Abhigya- Brain Crusade

Are you passionate about logic games, memory challenges, and creative problem- solving? Then “Abhigya”, focused on “unveiling the mind”, is the perfect arena for you! We’ve curated a thrilling selection of games tailored to test your expertise in this fascinating domain. Get ready to dive deep into the world of Abhigya, challenge your fellow brainiacs, and emerge victorious!

Event Name        – Abhigya

Tagline                  – Think Challenge Conquer.

Team Size            – Individual Participation

Eligibility              – All UG/PG/MBA/PGDM students

Region                  – India

Registration         – Free


  • It is mandatory to follow the official page of VAMNICOM and Spardha on social media.

  • It is an individual event.

  • The first 2 rounds will be in online mode and last 2 rounds will be offline in the VAMNICOM campus.

  • The decision of the judges will be final.

  • The registered candidates are required to follow the respective given time slots in both Online & Offline modes.

Description of rounds of the event:

ROUND I - Crossword (25 Mins)

  • A cryptic crossword based on wit, presence of mind, and an excellent sense of humour.

  • Time limit is 25 minutes.

  • Questions will be related to General Knowledge.

  • It is an elimination round.

  • Top performers will be selected for the next round.

  • START DATE: 16 MAR 24, 8:00 PM

  • END DATE: 16 MAR 24, 10:00 PM

ROUND II - Creative Writing

  • Participants need to submit either a poetry/ short fiction story based on the provided prompts for this round.

Example:  Just as your flight takes off, you discover a shocking note under your seat

START DATE: 17 MAR 24, 4:00 PM

END DATE: 19 MAR 24, 11:59 PM

ROUND III - Offline in VAMNICOM Campus

  • Participation of the candidates in all 4 activities is mandatory.

    Top performers will be selected for the next round

  • Name the Oddity:

    • Participants have to spot the difference between the pictures

    • 5 sets will be given and each set will be given 3 minutes

    • Duration: 15 minutes

    Mind Rover:

    • This will be a buzzer round.

    • The round specific rules will be explained on the spot.(includes pictures,audio and video identification)

    • Duration: 25 minutes

    Move marvel

    • It’s a matchstick puzzle

    • An equation of puzzle will be given

    • Participants have to move, add or remove one or several matchsticks with mind power to get an answer


    Picture turnover 

    • Series of pictures will be given and students have to create a story out of it

    • Each picture will be given 5 minutes

    START DATE : 27 MAR 24, 9:00 AM IST

ROUND IV - Offline

  • Picture Perception Test

    • A Picture will be shown to all the participants for 120 seconds.

    • They have to keenly observe it.

    • They are supposed to frame & write one short story based on that picture.

    • Time limit is 25 minutes for the complete process.

    • Word limit: Min -300, Max -500

    • No extra sheets will be provided.

    • Personal Interview and extempore


    • In this event, the participants will be given a topic or a scenario on the spot and will be asked to present their thoughts.(simple everyday topics rather than complicated specific topic, it will test their perception and their thought on topic)

    • Duration: 5 minutes

    • The evaluation criteria will be based on: Creativity of thought process, Analysis of the topics and addressing the key issues, Time Management and Display of thoughts.


    • The participants will have to attend the personal interview as a last stage of this event.

    • Candidates will have to answer to the queries of judges.

    • Time duration: 5 minutes

    • The final score will be consolidated one.

    START DATE: 28 MAR 24, 9:00 AM IST

    END DATE : 28 MAR 24, 11:59 PM IST


  • Traveling allowances would be provided to the shortlisted candidates for the offline events on the provision of proper bills to us after reaching the campus.

  • Up to 1500 Rs/individual would be refunded.

  • Accommodation and food facilities will also be provided free of cost within the campus for the shortlisted candidates for the offline events.

Prize Money:

1st prize: Rs.10000

2nd prize: Rs.7000

3rd prize: Rs.5000

Event Coordinators:



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Abhigya: Brain Crusade

Are you passionate about logic games, memory challenges, and creative problem-solving?
Get ready to dive deep into the world of Abhigya, challenge your fellow brainiacs, and emerge victorious
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