Paraspar- Coopathon

This event will test the analytical and innovative skills of the participants in field of cooperatives and agribusiness management by maintaining sustainable development goals. It helps in development of new ideas, innovative business models/solution models in the field of cooperatives and agribusiness management.

Event name           – Paraspar

Tag line                  – Together We Cooperate, Together We Thrive

Eligibility                – UG/PG/PGDM-ABM/MBA

Team size               –  2

Region                    – India                                         

Registration fee    – Free


  • Topic Selection:

  • Debate topic will be provided by the organizing committee on spot.

  • Topics will be relevant to the current affairs.

  • Speech Durations:15 minutes

  • All the teams will be allotted one of the two sides.

  • All the teams will be given a chance to present their opening and closing statements.

  • Prohibited Actions:

  • Offensive language, personal attacks, or derogatory remarks against participants or judges are strictly prohibited.

  • Any disruptive behaviour that negatively impacts the competition will not be tolerated.

  • Research and Citations:

  • Participants are encouraged to conduct thorough research to support their arguments.

  • Proper citations of sources, facts, statistics, and quotes are required.

  • Judgement Criteria:

  • Knowledge and understanding about the topic.

  • Teamwork

  • Communication and Debating skills.

  • Judges Decisions:

  • Judges are impartial and knowledgeable in the subject matter or experienced debaters.

  • Judges’ decisions are final and not subject to appeal.

Description of rounds of the event:

ROUND I - Abstract submission of Problem Statement (Elimination Round)

  • The problem statement will be provided by 1st March 8 PM. (Note: Result of this round will be declared by 7th or 8th March).

    Start Date- 17 Mar 24, 07:00 PM IST

    End Date– 19 Mar 24, 11:59 PM IST

ROUND II - Presentation of the idea – Final round (24th March)

Offline PowerPoint presentation of the submitted abstract in front of judges. Teams will be evaluated on their live presentations, technological relevance for cooperatives or collective models.

Start Date 27 Mar 24, 09:00 AM IST

End Date 28 Mar 24, 11:59 PM IST

Rule and Regulations for smooth conduction of event.

Number of participants in each team should not be more than 2 The event will consist of:

  1. Abstract submission (online)

  2. Final Round(offline)

The 1st round will be in online mode and the 2nd round will be offline in the VAMNICOM campus.

  • The decision of the judges will be final.

  • The selected candidates are required to follow the given time slots in both Online & offline

ROUND I: Abstract submission – Only pdf file is accepted

The PDF should be submitted through Gmail [email protected] subject should be

________-Team name Paraspar

Maximum word limit 400 words. Abstract must consist the brief information of business model, the unique selling propositions, unit economics/cost/expenses to plan and implement the business model, implications on society/institution/stakeholders and its viability. The evaluation will be done on above parameters.The abstract must be submitted on or before 19th March, 2024 (5:00 pm)

Top teams will be shortlisted for next round.

Note- The participants can solve any one problem statement.

ROUND II: Presentation of the idea – Final round.

  • Shortlisted teams need to present the abstract in the

  • Maximum slides should be only 10(including welcome and thank you slide), maximum time for presentation is 10 minutes

  • Teams will be evaluated based on their innovative ideas on cooperatives, and allied stakeholders, presentation skills, leadership and managerial skills, reach of presentation by meeting the criteria of principles of co-operatives and solving the need of firm/company/startup challenges

  1. Traveling allowances would be provided to the shortlisted candidates for the offline events on provision of proper bills to us after reaching the campus.

  2. Up to Rs.1500/Individual would be refunded.

  3. Common rule is that, the participants must and should follow the Vamnicom official page and spardha page of Instagram ,to get more information about the event

  4. Accommodation and food facilities will also be provided within the campus for the shortlisted.

Prize Money:

1st prize: Rs.15000 with certificate & Trophy

2nd prize: Rs.10000 with certificate & Trophy

3rd prize: Rs.5000 with certificate & Trophy

Event Coordinators:

Ms. Pranali Nale


[email protected]


Ms. Deena Madhuri Y      


[email protected]


Mr. Varad Hingolikar

[email protected]


Paraspar - Coopathon

This event will test the analytical and innovative skills
Development of new ideas, and innovative business models/solution models in the field of cooperatives and agribusiness management.
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