Dhvanidhara – Singing

Event Name        – Dhvani Dhara

Tagline                  – Unleash Your Inner RockStar

Team Size            –  Individual Participation

Eligibility              – All UG/PG/MBA/PGDM students

Region                  – India

Registration         – Free

Event Name        –  BIBHAS

Tagline                  – Awaz- Dil se Dil tak

Team Size            –  Individual


Eligibility              – All



Region                  – India

Registration         – Free

Description of rounds of the event:

ROUND I - Vyavrthi ( Screening ) -online mode

  • RULES:

  • For the registration, each participant will have to submit a demo song and the submission should be made in any file format that is playable on VLC.

  • The video should be shot in a resolution of 720p or greater with clear sound and should be recording of a live performance.

  • The video should be sent to the telegram page of spardha24 which will be informed later.

  • The best will be selected and posted on social media platforms.

  • Participants can select songs from any genre including folk, classical, western, Bollywood etc and can use any accompanying musical instrument.

  • Participants can perform in either English, Hindi or any regional language.

  • Own Composed songs and Beat Boxing are also allowed.

  • The candidates shall be selected for the finale round will be done on the basis of number of fair likes and other criteria for judging(mentioned below).

  • The shortlisted finalists will be notified through their respective mail.

  • Participants can send the audio or videos to this telegram group – Spardha 24: Dhvani Dhara

  • Results of Round Iwill be declared on 19th March 5’PM

ROUND II - “ANTIMA” (Finals)

  • The finale will be held at Vamnicom , Pune, Maharashtra in offline mode. The time limit for each participant is 3-4  minutes including sound check.


  • Use of pre-recorded tracks is not permitted.

  • Participants can perform any number of songs (in Hindi, English or both) within 3-4 minutes after which marks will be deducted; participant will be disqualified on exceeding the time limit.

  • Participants can perform with one instrumental accompaniment or play instrument themselves along with vocals.

  • You are free to choose the song of your choice from the mentioned categories: Classical, Ghazal, Bhajan or any Regional Movie



  • Vocals   

  • Musical Ability  

  • Confidence

  • Pace and Synchronization with music

  • Confidence

  • Quality of Performance

  • Should not exceed Time Limit


  • Travelling allowances would be provided to the shortlisted candidates for the offline events on the provision of proper bills to us after reaching the campus.

  • Up to 1500 Rs/individual would be refunded.

  • Accommodation and food facilities will also be provided free of cost within the campus for the shortlisted candidates for the offline events.

Prize Money:

Winner 7000/- with certificate and trophy

1st Runner up 5000/-with certificate and trophy

2nd Runner up        Rs. 4000/-with certificate and trophy

Event Coordinators:

Ms. Kishore Manogna Sundari 

[email protected]   


Ms. Rutuja Kadu

[email protected]

Dhvani Dhara - Singing

DhvaniDhara is not just a competition; it's a celebration of the power of voices that resonate and create an unforgettable musical journey
Vocal virtuosos take center stage, captivating hearts with their soulful voices.
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